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Cabinet d'avocats fiscalistes

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Cabinet Yael Sion, your defendant for a litigation

How does your lawyer defend you in the event of litigation ?

In the second phase of our activity, we are led, at your request, because you intend to defend your rights and interests and that no amicable solution is possible or does not suit you, to take legal action before the competent Courts. We can also sometimes find ourselves in the opposite situation and intervene this time, in defense, when a lawsuit is brought against you. We will then prepare our legal strategy and study it together, alerting you to the possible deadlines to which we are subject and the arguments that must be developed and those that must be rejected. Then, we submit our requests to you for validation, because we know that no one knows the ins and outs of your case better than you do and we want to represent you in the most efficient and complete way possible.

Once we have your validation, we file our motion with the competent court and remain in regular contact with you, informing you of the response made by the opposing party and explaining it to you, then replying as many times as necessary within the time limit set by the courts on the relevant points. You are therefore informed of each step of the progress of your case until the hearing is held, which you may attend if you wish, and during which we will make observations in support of our claims, or plead, depending on the type of court seized. Before we go to the hearing together, Ms. SION organizes a meeting with you at her office or by telephone, in order to brief you one last time on the attitude to adopt, the elements to put forward, the possible questions that may be asked and to explain to you the progress of this essential stage of your case.

One might think that this step is tedious and useless, and yet, in certain cases, it has allowed us to modify the magistrates' vision of the case, particularly in tax litigation and in the context of companies in difficulty, where the opinion and explanations of the company director, their attitude, and their will are elements that are taken very seriously by the magistrates. Maître SION, as your partner, is there to guide you throughout this stage and during the hearing in order to optimize your defense.

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