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Cabinet d'avocats fiscalistes

The values of the Tax Law Firm Sion Avocat


Yaël SION does not compromise with integrity. Whatever the field in which you need our expertise, know that YAEL SION AVOCAT is an independent firm that does not compromise with integrity. Our firm retains total independence to advise you in the best possible way, to defend you and to protect the interests of your company and your rights as a professional or private individual. At SION AVOCAT, we have chosen a human-sized structure in order to be totally independent in the management of your case and to be available to listen to you whenever you need it.

This means that Maître SION personally supervises each case entrusted to SION AVOCAT, which makes you a full-fledged partner and not a simple case number, in order to get in touch with you personally and quickly to keep you informed on the progress of your case. You benefit from tailor-made support in each stage of your project or procedures.

Reactivity and availability of Maître SION online and by phone

Maître SION is in regular contact with her clients, either via her interactive website, allowing you to consult her online, with the quickest and most precise answer possible to your questions, except on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, or if you wish to contact her via telephone or video-conference interview or if you are more comfortable, via her secretarial service, or at her office. Our office is reachable from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm. Ms. SION personally takes note of your messages, remarks and indications in real time, so as to call you back as soon as possible to give you the indications you need and update your file accordingly.

Expertise and rigor in the services we provide

You are not a simple file number, you are our priority because each client deserves the greatest attention in the treatment of their file. Consequently, Maître SION explores all the legal avenues and tools at her disposal to try to win your case and in the treatment of your wealth, fiscal and personal requests, to bring you satisfaction. We carry out all the diligences that we consider necessary, such as researching little-known jurisprudence giving you the advantage, implementing all the legal and regulatory devices in force and updating our knowledge in our reference matters regularly. We do not hesitate to refer to the highest competent authorities in case of disagreement or request for clarification of points of law within the framework of your procedure, whether it be the Council of State, the Court of Cassation, the European Court of Human Rights or the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

Our expertise in litigation allows us to anticipate the pitfalls that may arise in your case and to alert you in time to avoid or rectify them. In other words, we fight for you from the beginning to the end of our mandate, at your side, because we wish to be and remain your privileged partner.

Simplicity and efficiency of the explanations provided to our clients

Each business is unique and requires in-depth knowledge to be effective. We have the humility to know that we cannot claim to understand a doctor's diagnosis in its entirety if he does not make the effort to explain it to us and make it accessible to our understanding. We therefore make it a point of honour to act the same way with our clients. You are not a lawyer, it is up to us to clearly explain the situation, its stakes and our solutions. That is why we explain to you in clear and precise terms the legal problems to which you are subjected and all the solutions that we can bring to you as well as the last legal devices in place from which you can benefit.

We will compare together the advantages and disadvantages of one solution rather than another and the possible consequences that they can generate. Rest assured, SION AVOCAT does not drown you in a flood of details, but on the contrary, explains very clearly and as simply as possible the legal problem you are facing and takes full responsibility for it. You can therefore have peace of mind.

Your peace of mind is our priority

All these strategic and legal means that we have developed both through our interactive digital platform and in our collaboration with you have only one goal: to ensure you the peace of mind that you aspire to when you come to meet us. It is a win-win strategy that is thus put in place, so that we can act in our areas of expertise effectively with your collaboration, including you at each stage of the procedure and progress of your project. We remain in regular contact for any questions and explanations you may require.

Confidentiality of our exchanges

We are bound to professional secrecy and confidentiality of our exchanges, to a conscience and morality towards you, in order to ensure you the efficiency and peace of mind you need during our intervention.

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