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Cabinet d'avocats fiscalistes

Tax optimization of companies in tax and customs law

SION AVOCAT advises you on all aspects of taxation, whether you are a company or a private individual. SION AVOCAT intervenes on all aspects of tax law, both national and international, and places her expertise at your disposal within her various missions.

Tax risks of your operations and patrimonial projects

We identify the various tax risks of your projects in order to anticipate them, to avoid them or to reduce them and we share our explanations, remarks and advice during a report at our office or online via our consultation space. We also alert you of the taxation of each sale or purchase of real estate or in matters of inheritance and inform you in a complete manner on the legal tools put in place to reduce your charges and your taxation and improve the profitability of your personal or professional assets.

Tax optimization: how to optimize the financial management of your company or your financial and real estate assets?

We optimize your organization as well as the financial management of your company by presenting you all the tax, legal and regulatory devices, national and international taxation, to allow you to reduce the tax burden you face that you can put in place, and draft any act that may be necessary for the restructuring of your company or your personal assets. Maître SION will also identify for you any tax item that she considers too high, and will even initiate, if she deems it necessary, any procedure for the restitution of excess tax with the tax authorities.

The domiciliation’s tax?

The question of tax domiciliatiion is a source of many questions and particularly concerns expatriates and people with dual nationality, who work in French-speaking African countries, in England, Ireland, Luxembourg or the United States, for example. Maître SION will study the different criteria allowing to establish your place of tax connection, according to numerous parameters, which add up and overlap and are to be put in perspective with the analysis sometimes of the applicable bi-national convention, as well as any international convention such as the OECD, which would be applicable to your question or your dispute, and which imposes itself as the tax regulation governing the relationship between the host country and France. For example, contrary to a widespread idea, the 183 days criterion, i.e. the 6 months and 1 day of residence in order to determine your main residence and therefore your country of taxation and the tax rules that apply to you, is only taken into account once all the other criteria for establishing the place of taxation have been analyzed.

Advice and legal assistance on all tax issues

Whatever your questions and the tax aspects to which they relate, Maître SION will answer them, whether it is a question of:

  • advice and assistance in the preparation of your tax return
  • taxation of the Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière (real estate wealth tax): scope of application and determination of your IFI, assistance with the IFI declaration and explanations of the IFI payment methods, litigation with the tax authorities
  • merger and acquisition operations and their tax impact on your business
  • creation of holding companies and subsidiaries
  • restructuring of a branch of activity of your company or of your company as a whole, whether it is a parent company, a holding company or a subsidiary
  • import-export and related customs formalities
  • criminal tax law: it is not uncommon that following a tax adjustment, the administration prosecutes you by qualifying the facts as tax fraud, VAT carousel fraud, or tax fraud laundering. Maître SION will defend you and assist you in an efficient way during the open hearings, before the Public Prosecutor or before the competent Correctional Court. She also follows up on administrative procedures before the Tax Infractions Commission.
  • direct taxation concerning corporate tax or income tax, which concerns individuals but also certain sole proprietorships or professional civil companies,
  • consumer taxation, such as VAT or excise duties
  • or your questions about local taxation: these are taxes that the government will levy, not on its own behalf, but on behalf of local authorities: property tax on built and unbuilt land, the territorial economic contribution
  • property tax, inheritance tax and inter vivos donations
  • national and international taxation,
  • taxation of companies in difficulty
  • taxation of inheritance
  • taxation of real estate acquisition or sale operations
  • taxation of business acquisition or sale operations for the liberal professions and answers to patient questions
  • taxation of rental investments and legal measures to be implemented
  • social security contributions, tax deferrals, negotiations with the tax authorities
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