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Presentation of the Sion Tax Law Firm

Maître Yaël SION

Maître Yaël SION is a lawyer, member of Marseille’s Bar and founder of the firm CABINET SION AVOCAT in 2015. She is also a teacher in corporate taxation at major schools.

Her areas of expertise are tax and customs law for companies, individuals and the medical and paramedical professions, the law of companies in difficulty and real estate transactions. Maître SION holds the diploma of Real Estate Agent Lawyer, allowing her to accompany her clients from the project of sale or acquisition of a real estate property, requiring the presentation of the property or a company to be sold or acquired, until the final phase of realization of the sale, by using her professional network specific to real estate agent lawyers.

Yaël SION has strong moral values and solid legal knowledge in her fields of expertise, which she puts at the service of her clients and on which she does not compromise. She also demonstrates a passion for her profession and a determination that borders on relentlessness when it comes to defending and protecting each of her clients in a personal manner, so that each situation can find the most favorable outcome possible.

She considers that her role is to take charge of the case entirely, by not refusing any transactional alternative within the framework of a mediation, or legal action which can satisfy the client, even if the solution will be considered by some as daring or original. This is why Ms. SION places the human being above all else and categorically refuses any form of defenseless submission to situations that can be resolved through mediation, negotiation or legally through the use of the most recent legal and regulatory devices, and why she has decided to dedicate her career to this.

According to her, every company and every person deserves to be listened to, to be advised in the best possible way and to have their interests protected, in order to have the best possible development for their company and their personal projects.

Her vocation for corporate and personal tax law, as well as medical and paramedical tax law, began more than ten years ago, when she chose to focus her entire professional career in this field. This highly technical and constantly changing field provides her with a daily challenge and a sense of satisfaction that has led her to choose to devote herself entirely to this field of activity.

She remains convinced that all branches of law, the life of a company and all decisions and personal projects that we develop are impacted by taxation, a noble and lively subject of law.

She has also developed a solid skill, recognized by her peers, in the field of distressed companies, which is a field of activity closely correlated with taxation and accounting, which are the consequences, and influence the strategies of this field. Two cases were really important for our firm. In the first case, by defending her client all the way to the Council of State to save the company and win the case. In the second case, by successfully overcoming all the pitfalls and bad decisions that can be made in the rush and stress of a company director, and this during a legal battle of several years, to sell the company experiencing serious difficulties in recovery and find a favorable outcome to a situation that seemed irremediably compromised.

In order to achieve this, a judgment was obtained in the first instance, in an unprecedented manner in France, ordering the forced transfer to the buyers of this company, when many thought this impossible, whereas only a few hours before the hearing, the buyers had decided to withdraw their offer. Her determination, relentless negotiations with each partner, bankers, suppliers, and buyers or sellers, and the categorical refusal to abandon the company manager and his employees, who have devoted their lives to this company, have made it possible to save the company in difficulty. These are, according to her, in addition to humanity, the true qualities that any good lawyer must possess.

Finally, concerning medical and pharmaceutical law, Ms. SION has always been in regular contact with liberal professionals practicing the activities of doctors and pharmacists and it remains for her a second nature to regularly exchange and help professionals in this sector with their daily problems, which she knows perfectly well, in which she finds herself a lot, in her capacity as a liberal professional.

Whether it is general practitioners, dentists, psychiatrists, or other medical and paramedical professions, or pharmacists, who are confronted in their daily life with major challenges in relation to their credit institutions, their dispatchers, who are not numerous, or their employees, preparers and storekeepers, Maître SION puts her experience in business law and taxation at the service of her clients in order to advise them in the best possible way and to accompany them in all their legal and financial operations, whether daily or occasional, in all the relations they maintain at the accounting, tax and commercial level with their various daily contacts, and in all the decisions they make.

She advises them at the stage of installation, the creation of their company, the transfer of the pharmacy up to the sale of their liberal business.

YAEL SION AVOCAT thus ensures the defense of your interests and the respect of your wealth, commercial, financial and personal rights in front of the various Courts and organizations with which you are confronted. It can be the Commercial Court or the Judicial Courts competent for companies in difficulty, the Administrative Court for tax disputes or any other organization and commission that it can be necessary to refer to, such as the Order of Pharmacists of the PACA Region or the National Council of Doctors of Paris, for example. Maître SION travels personally for his clients, especially in Paris, Nice and Bordeaux, in his fields of expertise, when the situation requires it.


Get to know us better:

  • In 2011: Maître SION obtained the diploma of Magistère Droit des Affaires, Fiscalité et Comptabilité d'Aix-en-Provence (Business Law, Taxation and Accounting), the references of which can be found by clicking on the link :

  • In 2011: The same year, Maître SION also obtained the Master II Diploma in Corporate Taxation at the University of Aix-Marseille III

  • In 2012: Mr. SION joins the Regional Center for Professional Training of Lawyers of the South-East, after having passed the bar exam at the University of Aix-en-Provence, having chosen as specialties the law of companies in difficulty and contentious administrative procedure

  • In 2014: Maître SION obtained the Certificate of Aptitude to the Profession of Lawyer at the School of Lawyers of the South-East

  • In 2015: Maître SION becomes a Real Estate Agent and joins the network of the Real Estate Market of the Lawyers of which you will find the references hereafter :

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