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Cabinet d'avocats fiscalistes

Fees of the Tax Law Firm Sion Avocat

A legal accompaniment tailored to each case for peace of mind

Because the Cabinet SION AVOCAT wishes to provide you with quality services adapted to your situation and your legal problems, whether you are a private individual, a professional, a company, a start-up, a VSE-SME and because we know that the recourse to a lawyer is a concern, Maître SION has chosen transparent fees, to ensure an effective and reassuring presence at your side and secure transactions.

The Cabinet SION AVOCAT is very vigilant on the established invoicing and makes sure that this pricing is in perfect concordance with the reality of the work provided by our care. We invite you to contact Maître SION directly by phone or email who will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made estimate according to your needs and the problem encountered.

Step n°1: How does the first meeting with Maître SION take place?

Legal analysis of your situation, online, during a written consultation or together at our office

During our first meeting together, we clearly point out the legal problem you are facing and analyze precisely all the documents you present to us. We will give you our full attention and we will advise you in your best interest to elaborate, together, the best legal strategies available to you. If we consider it appropriate or necessary, we will take legal action and suggest the best possible lines of defense and protection to put in place, as well as a detailed panel of legal tools at your disposal to find the solution that will be most favorable to you.

During this first appointment together, Maître SION puts her expertise and know-how at your service and takes the necessary time with you to analyze your situation, in order to present the available procedures and their subtleties and the deadlines to which we will be subject to act, which will allow you to leave with a clear vision of your situation and the steps to follow.

Step n°2 : How do I know how much the lawyer's intervention in my case will cost me?

Summary estimate of our services - fee agreement established between us after your validation - beginning of our intervention

Maître SION adapts her fees to each case after having specifically studied it. The fees are therefore not established randomly. They are calculated in a precise manner and are the subject of a preliminary estimate, at your request, and of a fee agreement which is submitted to you before the beginning of our intervention and must be signed by you and by us, so that you are completely reassured.

Pricing of fees

Our fees are calculated according to the complexity of your case and the time that must be devoted to its treatment by the firm and are tailored to each situation presented, in order to present the costs as close as possible to the situation encountered and the services that we must provide. We base our estimate on several questions, apart from the average cost of services in the market, which are the following: Is it a complex case, requiring a specific legal intervention and the implementation of a specific technicality? Are we dealing with a typical case? How much time does the firm need to spend on the development of our legal strategy and its implementation? These are the types of questions that determine the choice of a package rather than another and therefore the pricing that we will establish together.

General information on the kind of remuneration and the calculation of the fees of our Firm:

Here is a fee schedule for the calculation of fees concerning our services, provided as an indication for our clients, in order to be as transparent as possible. We remind you that we intervene only after having signed together a fee agreement, and thus these fees are established by mutual consent. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional request or clarification, we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

First appointment and continuity of the file:

The amount of this consultation will be deducted from our billing if we have to start a legal action together, or the drafting of all the legal acts that we will consider necessary within the framework of your file.

  • Rate: first appointment, this rate being deducted from the possible invoicing established thereafter, if we decide to take legal action or if documents and contracts must be created by us
  • Fixed fee: as for any individual, it depends on the type of procedure you choose or that will be necessary to set up
  • Time-based remuneration: the firm charges per hour when the case requires it and justifies the time spent on it
  • Our legal subscriptions: to determined according to the type of pack subscribed, you can solicit us thanks to this subscription by telephone once a week or by e-mail and we can write 3 legal letters per month on your behalf or that of your company, or send you 3 legal consultations per month on the subjects which concern you.
  • Our secretariat will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a personalized quote.

For any other information or clarification, we invite you to contact us and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible, also sending you a quote for our services.

Insurance contract trick

Did you know?

Your legal protection insurance that is included in your business or home insurance may cover your legal fees in whole or in part. All you have to do is contact your insurance company, get in touch with the "legal protection" department and explain the context of your case. Upon presentation of the received invoice that Maître SION will give you, they will reimburse you for the fees disbursed up to the ceiling that you have determined with them in your contract. The costs and disbursements necessary to the treatment of your file are detailed in the agreement or indicated if they occur during the procedure (in particular emergency travel to defend or protect you or for the needs of the file in particular) and are then to be paid by you. We make sure that they are, once again, in perfect concordance with reality.

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