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When should you call on the services of a public law attorney?

When legal issues become involved in the public sphere, the need to consult a lawyer specializing in public law becomes imperative. Indeed, public law encompasses a complex range of areas such as administrative law, public procurement law, rural law and civil service administrative law. It is in this context that the presence of a competent public lawyer can make all the difference.

In this article, we explore the crucial reasons why calling on a public law attorney can be essential. From defending interests in the context of public procurement to resolving administrative law disputes, we'll address each aspect while answering frequently asked questions such as "What is the mission of a public law lawyer?" and "When is it appropriate to seek the expertise of an administrative law lawyer?".

Discover how a lawyer specialized in public law can be your ally in the legal complexities of the public sphere, and learn how to choose the professional who will best defend your interests.

Why hire a administrative public attorney?

The different tasks of a public law attorney

The vast and complex field of public law encompasses diverse areas such as international law, public finance, administrative law and tax law. A lawyer specializing in public law is the essential professional to provide guidance and advice in this particularly detailed legal context.

As an expert, the administrative law lawyer is involved in the organization and operation of specialized entities such as administrations, local authorities and the State. His or her missions thus encompass everything to do with international law, public finance and tax law, for example. With their specific expertise, civil service lawyers are ideally placed to offer personalized support in public law matters. Their areas of expertise range from litigation management to the provision of legal advice. In particular, he excels in public domain law, undertaking tasks such as the negotiation of endorsements and the preparation of files relating to the occupation of the public domain. In addition, the public procurement lawyer is involved in specialized fields such as electoral law, civil service, public procurement and immigration law.


When is a lawyer specialized in public law called in?

The situations in which a public law attorney is called upon are many and varied. He or she can intervene in specific areas such as

  • administrative law: the public lawyer will determine the responsibilities of each party, while studying the rights of public services based on legislation and case law
  • the rights of local authorities
  • the rights of civil servants (permanent or temporary)
  • informal appeals and actions relating to administrative hierarchy and litigation
  • administrative contracts and public procurement
  • appeals to the administrative court after an examination or competitive examination
  • nationality rights: procedures for obtaining French nationality or a residence permit, for example
  • law relating to social responsibility, in particular environmental protection.
  • rules applicable to the agricultural sector: in this case, we speak of lawyers specializing in rural law.


What are the advantages of contacting a public law attorney?

Calling on the services of a public law attorney, also known as a avocat publiciste or avocat en droit administratif, has many advantages. As a professional specializing in the management of relations between public bodies, individuals and public entities, a public law attorney is the ideal partner for personalized legal support. Thanks to his or her mastery of the legal framework governing public administrations, this expert can provide sound legal advice in the field of public service. Seeking the services of a public law attorney is a strategic move to optimize the chances of success in any legal undertaking, whether for advice, litigation management, or representation before an administrative tribunal.

A public law attorney can play an effective role in supervising administrative acts, offering his or her expertise when signing or monitoring public procurement contracts. His professionalism proves invaluable in monitoring the legal aspects of operations and representing clients before administrative tribunals in the event of an administrative decision being challenged.


Who can benefit from the services of a public law attorney?

The services of an administrative law firm are not limited to local and regional authorities. A public law attorney is also available to a wide range of clients, including chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of agriculture, businesses, political groups, trade unions, associations, public establishments and public bodies. Consulting a public law attorney is essential to asserting your rights and administrative responsibilities in a variety of contexts, such as environmental law, public works-related damages, and many others. His or her intervention is crucial in managing problems linked to the contestation of sanctions, building permits and the like.


How to choose a public law lawyer?

Wondering how to find an administrative lawyer?
Choosing a public law attorney to handle a public law case requires careful consideration. This professional intervenes in various legal fields such as legal advice, the administrative court of appeal, public contracts, building permits and general public law.

The public defender plays a central role in advising anyone in dispute with the public sector or the administration. As a competent intermediary between private individuals or professionals and public entities, he or she manages relations between several public entities. When retained by a company, the public law attorney identifies potential litigation problems linked to a commercial or industrial project. In the event of a dispute, he represents his client before the administrative court, carrying out all the research necessary for his defense.

When working with a local or regional authority, a lawyer specialized in public law uses his expertise to anticipate litigation, assist local elected officials in their administrative procedures, and secure public procurement procedures. His in-depth knowledge enables him to deal with problems linked to social media with elected representatives, limiting risks and proposing concrete solutions.

In conclusion, choosing a public law attorney is a crucial step in ensuring effective legal management in a variety of contexts, whether at individual, professional or community level. With their specialized expertise and in-depth knowledge of the legal framework, public law attorneys are strategic allies when it comes to resolving disputes, obtaining sound legal advice and ensuring effective representation before administrative tribunals.


As you can see, there are many reasons to call on the services of a public law attorney, and a dispute with the public administration is not something to be taken lightly. So don't wait any longer and contact Cabinet Sion Avocat, Marseille tax lawyer and administrative law attorney, to assist you.

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